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Excellent Vintage BV is a wholesale company specialised in retro and vintage clothes. We have years of experience in import and export of second-hand clothing. We sell the highest quality worldwide. Levi's 501´s, Adidas Sport jackets, dresses from the 50´s, 60's, 70's and 80's, leather motorjackets, denim jackets, All Stars sneakers, original 70's Adidas and Nike sneakers, levi´s 501, fur coats, leather jackets, silk blouses, every brand is available.

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100% original vintage

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Checkout our latest items. We have beautifull leather jackets, jeans, fake fur coats, original sports jackets, tshirts.

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For every season we have the most prettiest dresses, cool looking jackets, leather as wel as jeans, fur coats and more.

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See our newest accessories, gorgeous jewelry, fur hats, leather and wool gloves, belts, shawls and lots more.

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Shoes and bags

We have the latest fashion shoes, All Stars, original Nike, Adidas, Puma sneakers, army boots, ankle boots, high heels.

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